Specializing in Small Business IT Consulting

Standard Services

·         Computer Troubleshooting

·         New Technology Set Up

·         Network Services

o    Office network installation and upgrades

o    Wireless setup and management

o    Troubleshooting·         

Disaster Recovery: Planning and Implementation

o    System backup options

o    Offsite/Online storage options

·         Contact Management Consulting

o    Database conversion assistance

o    ACT, Salesforce, etc.


Retainer Services

·         Proactive Onsite Maintenance Services: (Performed on a Monthly basis)

o   Perform backup

o    Apply all available software/hardware updates.

o    Clean up unnecessary files.

  New Office Technology Consulting: Complete Planning and Coordination

o    Phone systems

o    Internet

o    Network

o    Copiers (MFD’s)

o    Conference Room Displays

o    Computer placement

·         Hardware Recycling

      o   We offer full removal of all your unused equipment.




For more information contact Scott          phone: 612.310.7355       email:scott@1080it.com